Onyay has had multiple domestic and international placements in film, tv, commercials, trailers and promos, including Ingress Animation on Netflix, Satisfaction on the USA Network, Unreal on Lifteime, the trailer for Devil May Cry 4 special addition, Fila, Beanpole and AHC ads in Korea, So You Think You Can Dance International Russia, the theme song for HDNET Movies, the official NBC trailer for A to Z, promos for Greys Anatomy in Africa, an RTL Living commercial in Germany, Finding Carter, Catfish and Suspects on MTV, Dash Dolls on E!, Vanderpump Rules, spots on ESPN,  more reality TV shows,
news shows and international spots in Europe, South America, Asia & Central America.
Below is a sampling of a few...

A to Z  NBC Official Trailer
Take You Home starts at 1:20
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