"Feel the Light"
Collaboration with Conrad Clifton

New Release "By Your Side" 
Collaboration with JNTHN STEIN

"Nobody Like You"
Collaboration with Conrad Clifton

Recent Songs in Film, TV, Trailers and Commercials

"No More Waiting" So You Think You Can Dance  International, Russia
"Fever" in Satisfaction USA Network

"Make Me" in the Devil May Cry video game trailer  
"Take You Home" in Grey's Anatomy Trailer
"No More Waiting" in Unreal on Lifetime
"Banshee" in Unreal on Lifetime 
"Gone" in Are You the One on MTV
"Banshee" in Catfish on MTV
"Banshee" in MTV Suspect
"Swoop Me Up" in MTV Suspect
"Gone" in Finding Carter on MTV
"Fever" in Finding Carter on MTV
"Swoop Me Up" in The Real World  on MTV

"The Beginning" Ingress on Netflix
"No More Waiting & "Banshee" in Landing Up


"Banshee" in Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce on Bravo
"Take You Home" in official trailer for NBC's A to Z
"No More Waiting" in Korean Beanpole commercial
"Fever" in Korean Fila Ad 
"Gone" in AHC ad Korea 
"Take You Home" in German RTL Living commercial  
"Take You Home" in HDNET Movies trailers
 "Gone" in Dash Dolls on E!
"Gone" in Vanderpump Rules on Bravo
"Take You Home" & Pretty Pictures in Terrace House on Netflix  
"Banshee" in Bad Girls Club
"Pretty Pictures" in Four Weddings
"Gone" in episodes of Stewarts & Hamiltons
"Take You Home" on ESPN's the Dan Patrick show
"Take You Home" on Entertainment Tonight