Recent songs in Film & TV:

"Fever" in Satisfaction USA Network
"Swoop Me Up" in Suspect on MTV
"Banshee" in Catfish on MTV
"Gone" in Finding Carter on MTV
"Fever" in Finding Carter on MTV
"Make Me" in the Devil May Cry video game trailer
"Gone" in Dash Dolls on E!
"Fever" in Korean Fila Ad
"Gone" AHC ad Korea
"No More Waiting" in the Korean Beanpole commercial

"Gone" in Vanderpump Rules on Bravo
"Banshee" in Bad Girls Club
"Take You Home" in ABC's A to Z trailer
"Take You Home" in RTL Living commercial in Germany
"Take You Home" HDNET Movies trailers

"Gone" in episodes of Stewarts & Hamiltons


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Sneak Peak of Sky Mansion Album coming out in December 2015

Down the rabbit hole

into the soul

  inviting, enticing

the journey


familiar yet unknown...

no stone unturned

the phoenix rising from the burn

free to delight

in adventures that await

an intimate fate...

in the dreamy seas

of Wonderland...